Financial Counsel with a Firm Foundation

Who We Are

Freedom Financial Counseling is a fee-based firm specializing in helping those who are serious about making a Kingdom impact using the resources with which they’ve been entrusted. We are here to walk you through a process that marries your faith and finances in order to bring clarity and purpose to your work, your money, and ultimately your life. How may we help you?


What Sets Us Apart

We focus on who you are, not just what you have.

Most financial advisors lay out a plan based on what you’ve got. Freedom Financial Counseling has created a unique and different approach. Instead of concentrating on your net worth statement, we begin by concentrating on the value of who you truly are…

What stirs your passion?  What would you do if you had one month left to live?  If you didn’t have to work, how would you choose to spend your time?

After we discover who you are and what God is calling you to do, then we develop a plan to help you reach your goals, using what you have.